Get A Pond Prescription For Your Pond Or Water Garden


If you need help fixing a problem with your pond or water garden, or would like a Pond Doctor to prescribe you a plan for keeping your water, fish and plants healthy, there are three easy ways the Pond Squad can help you:

  By Phone

Call 877-317-7070 now to speak to a Pond Doctor. If you need answers to your questions about water quality, aquatic plants, fish or pond construction a Pond Doctor can help.


To request that a Pond Doctor to visit your pond to assess its health, prescribe a treatment plan, or fix a problem, call 877-317-7070 or contact us by email.


Complete the Pond Rx form below and a Pond Doctor will send you instructions by email on what products or services your pond needs annually to stay healthy. If the Pond Doctor determines that your pond is in need of a more complex or aggressive treatment plan a they will contact you by phone for a consultation free of charge.

Your Contact Information

At What Address is Your Pond Located?

What Size is your Pond?

If you know the volume and surface acrage of your pond you can skip this calculator and just enter it below:

Does Your Pond Have an Aeration System?

Tell us about your Pond?

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