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The single most important criteria for having a healthy pond is having a pond that is designed to be healthy in the beginning. Proper design, or redesign, of a pond can improve its health dramatically;  a poor design can make managing a pond nearly impossible.

During our pond prescription process, our Pond Doctors often find that the original design of a pond doesn’t take into account a factor that is now creating problems. For example, runoff from a neighboring pasture may be adding excessive nutrients to a pond or substrate conditions are conducive to problematic algae and plants.

There is much more to designing and building a pond than simple digging a hole that holds water.

Our pond construction process is designed to plan for any situation that may negatively impact a pond’s health. We build ponds with proper design and maintenance considerations to make managing a pond easy and cost effective.

Call 877-317-7070 today and let the Pond Squad start building you a pond consistent with your goals and budget.

Below is a sequence of images depicting portions of the pond construction process:

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