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Call: 877-317-7070

Pond Squad Pond Doctors are available 24 hours a day to speak with you about any issue or concern you may have. Answers to your questions about water quality, aquatic plants, fish or pond construction are just a phone call away.

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Schedule A Visit With A Pond Doctor

Bring a Pond Doctor to your property by calling 877-317-7070 or contacting one by email. Pond Doctors are standing by to visit your pond and prescribe the best possible management plan for it.

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Get A Pond Prescription Fast

Fill out our simple Pond Rx form now and get the instructions and products you need to manage your pond.

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Have The Pond Squad Build Your Pond or Water Garden

When It Comes To Ponds, It Takes Less Time And Energy To Prevent a Problem Than To Fix One

"Was it built to be healthy?", is the first question Pond Squad Pond Doctors ask themselves when looking at an unhealthy pond. If a pond is too shallow or being hurt by something nearby chances are it was never built to be healthy.

The Pond Squad is highly experienced in new pond construction and has seen every design scenario under the sun. Call 1-866-781-8770 or contact the Pond Squad by email to get started on building a pond that will look great and stay healthy for a lifetime. For more information about new pond construction visit our pond construction page.

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Solutions to Pond Problems. Not just more Pond Products.

If It Won't Help Your Pond, We Won't Offer It To You

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to fixing an unhealthy pond or maintaining a healthy one. The Pond Squad Pond Doctors have taken an oath to prescribe only what your pond needs to be healthy and nothing else. Pond Doctors are committed to listening to your goals for your pond and putting the best solution in place for your budget.

There are a lot of pond products out there, and plenty of places to buy them; The Pond Squad is different. Pond Doctors, whether it's on the phone, in-person or online, will prescribe a unique, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for every pond, because every pond is different.

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